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Where's Wellwood is a well-known mafia player on CDC and has played many games over the years, despite taking breaks. He is a fairly perceptive player when he gets into the game and is one of the best at staying alive, regardless of his faction. Sometimes, his ability to stay alive has gotten him into difficult situations late in games.

Memorable Events[]

He is perhaps remembered best for his blunder back on May 11, 2014, when he was a townsperson who had to vote for either Intoewsables, the alliance leader, or 'Bo', who claimed a role that was impossible to prove. His vote decided the game. With pressure from the host, PPCLI, to choose quickly, WW was ultimately convinced by the overwhelmingly logical, yet devious Bo. And so came his famous words at 10:07 PM:

"vote7 Toews

My gut feeling that Toews has been pulling the strings all along. I hope I'm right."

His vote sealed the victory for the mafia. It was Bo's first win of many as mafia. Due to WW's actions that day, Bo would eventually rise to power and be known as "Time Lord", who befriended WW and hosted a game of mafia with him.

Also, in 'Mafia:New Super Mafia Bros', he was given this GOAT role.

"Professor Oak: The most useless role in the game. You can't do anything except post this, "There is a time and place for everything but not now" You're basically a regular TP, but you can't even vote. You have to post that once every 2 rounds in order to not get godkilled."

Each round he spiced things up by posting his line in a different way.

1. Regular

​2. Dramatic Pause

3. Scrambled

4. Meme

5. Binary


6. White Font

7. French

"Il y a un temps et un lieu pour tout mais pas maintenant."

8. A link to a youtube video of the English voice actor for Oak

9. Text to Speech MP3

Games hosted[]

The Game of the Doctor (co-hosted with Time Lord)

The Amazing Race: Mafia