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Virtanen8(aliases rickrypienKesler87ClassySubban, and likely several unconfirmed others) is an Indian-Canadian Mafia player of significant notoriety and prestige. He began his Mafia career on CDC circa 2009 or 2010 (unknown) but was not involved in all series, being ostracized from the forum at times for reasons not currently public. Since returning from an extended absence in September of 2013 to participate in The Exchange, Virtanen has been one of the game's foremost active participants. He is known for sporting a record of over five-hundred victories, all while loling hard, and for being one of the most controversial players in CDC Mafia history.

Games Hosted[]

Dupe Accounts[]

While some consider this topic to be purely mythological or satirical in nature, an exhaustive list of all of Virtanen87's dupes can be found here.

Flirtatious Habits[]

While Virtanen might not admit to it himself, he has flirted with almost every girl (and a couple males, too) that enter the CDC mafia game. This causes for some humour and other users poking quite a few jabs at him.