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thejizz97 in Denmark, 1700s
thejizz97 in Denmark, 1700s
Notable Games Played
First Historical Mafia Game hosted by the MVP
Favourite LOST
Notable Games Hosted
First RWBY
Second N/A
Third N/A

thejazz97, also known as the "Meme King", is a Canadian Mafia player who first started his CDC career in the controversial Historical Players hosted by the MVP game on May 19, 2015, hosted by Virtanen87. As of July 20, 2015, Jazz has an active streak of six games, having not missed a game since he started.

Jazz is known for not contributing much to the game until he has to. He also has 30 Gamerscore for annoying people with the 'Comic Sans' font in a game.

Games Hosted

  1. RWBY

"The Jizz"

As his name has a likeness to that of the ooey gooey man substance, he is called "the Jizz" by many in the mafia group.

As of BaerOxHitman's Assassin's Creed game, Datazz is another Jazz nickname.

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