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The Serial Killer (SK) is a third-party role in the Mafia game, aligned with neither Town nor Mafia. The SK must survive to the end to be declared the winner, outwitting both the Town and Mafia (and any other roles). Is is therefore one of the most difficult roles in the game to win with.


Conventional wisdom dictates that the SK should aim to lay low, avoiding suspicion by being helpful to the Town, but not a leader of the pack. Balancing this level of usefulness and activity successfully should result in the SK avoiding being both lynched and killed by the Mafia. However, staying too quiet will inevitably make someone suspicious, and as the numbers in a game dwindle, the remaining players could be able to puzzle out who the hidden SK is.

The SK must also balance the numbers of Town vs Mafia in the game, if possible - if too many of one side remain alive, it is most beneficial to the SK to kill members of that alignment to keep the game balanced and both sides focused on each other, rather than on the hunt for the SK.

Basically, it all comes down to a lot of luck.

Serial Killer victories[]

Player Game
1 Grind-Like-Lightning 27. Fanabala!
2 Denguin 46. Revenge of the Radishes
3 Kesler's Happy Dance v2.0 57. La Dolce Vita
4 Master Radishes 60. Il Contratto Fra Noi
5 One one two 62. Valori Familiari
6 Crom! 71. Propaganda
7 OurTimeToShine 85. Chef Boyardee
8 BurrDaMan 92. Garlic Bread & Lasagna
9 Aladeen 106. Tradurre
10 Kesler87 107. The Magnificent Seven
11 Mikeyboy44 144. Community