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Seriously, she has singlehandedly sneaked under the radar and won games all on her own more times than anyone else. If she makes it to the final three, you can bet A) she's mafia and B) she'll win. She has the uncanny ability to persuade others to let her live even when she is obviously Mafia or SK/Cult. Like, it's ridiculous. She's a witch. She has to be.

112 is Force-sensitive and some believe her to be capable of interdimensional travel, although this view is not canon.

CDC representative for Mafia Championships S4 and S6; S6 finalist. In S6's Wild Card 1 game, she was the last surviving member of a winning Mafia team and was subsequently voted into the finale with more points than any other participant in that game.

In 2019 she won as mafia from an almost impossible position and "broke" long-time player Beluga Whale in the process. He was never seen again. [citation needed]

Inasmuch as 112 only has Vancouver Mafia ties and does not actually participate in organized criminal activities, under the Canadian Criminal Code she is not technically in contrast with the law for these ties. It should be duly noted that there is therefore no reason for Crown prosecutors to pursue charges for anything related to her participation in games of forum Mafia.

112 is psychosexually attracted to dangerous female individuals. She loves reversing bigoted commentary against people because she feels the world has let her down. But she feels bad about it. :( She just wanted to have nice playdates.

Games Hosted[]

  • The Exchange
  • Tradurre
  • Justice
  • Metempsychosis and Palingenesis
  • Where and What Again? A Hobo's Tale by One one two
  • Experiences With Time Travel (Meeting Hitler and Other Tales), the Art of Making Roosters out of Papier-mâché, and Pleading 'Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity' in an American Courtroom
  • Hyperspace
  • Wiz Khalifa - The Thrill / The Vancouver Canucks and the Upcoming Dynasty

Games Played[]