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JohnLocke (formerly, StevenStamkos) a baller. He is not to be confused with John Locke, who is always invited into mafia PMs and then immediately blocked and banned from the PM (poor guy). JohnLocke is known to be afraid of Aladeen's erection gifs. He also does not think Britta from Community is attractive, which lead many to question his sexuality. He hosted a game based around LOST, the TV series. No one understood what was going on during the whole game, just like in the TV show. However, it did spawn a great quote from VICanucksfan5551, "What the frack just happened? Are you all brain damaged?" He had the longest ongoing ironman streak, starting at game 116 on September 3, 2014, which was his first game. It ended after Mafia: Game of Thrones on May 29, 2016 when he concluded that it had  " just lost some of its shine" for him and that he hadn't been doing it justice with his level of effort.

Games Hosted[]