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Formerly known as the worst name to ever brace mafia culture on CDC, Hashtag is also known for her casual encounters with Virtanen87. The two have had an on/off relationship due to Virtanen's obsession over letting go of clothes and being "Au Natural". One time in a mafia thread, Virtanen implied that Hashtag was fat, to which Hashtag replied by saying that he has a small... anyways, these issues haven't been enough to keep them apart.

Flirtanen87 has yet to tame the wild, wild ways of #Nucks, as she is known for keeping things classy. However, don't let this fool you, Virtanen87's distinct smell of curry is enough to lure anybody in for a taste.

HashtagNucks' actually decent previous name was "Burrdaman" in which she erotically fantasizes about the Norwegian Supermodel Burrda, and how she wishes she was a man.

HashtagNucks' favorite food are bananas as they are highly nutritional and have a sweet taste along with a unique structure.

HashtagNucks has one final unique feature and that is the ability to make anyone who looks at her hard.  During one game, Aladeen got so hard while giving her a lapdance he passed out due to lack of oxygen going towards his brain.  She resembles the late Medusa.