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Go Faulk Yourself (also: GFY) 1812-2015, was a beloved Mafia player until his tragic passing in November 2015. A self-proclaimed lover of anime, Go Faulk Yourself was often an early SK kill, and hosted several awesome games. There is a memorial thread in his honour. 

 Here is what some of his co-players said about him: 

 "RIP so sad" - Intoewsables

 "thank fuck he's finally dead" - BaerOxHitman

 "He was so young." - gbassi_13

 "it's as if i can feel his presence, on this very page" - Twilight Sparkle

 "Don't worry guys he said something like this before and came back after 3 games or so." - Beluga Whale

 "I blame Justin Trudeau." - JohnLocke

"This never would've happened if he were ready." - Intoewsables

"But I'm not dead, guys. Guys?" - GoFaulkYourself