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[Warning: Mature Content]

There's not much to know except for the Virtanen-Kumar-CL thing, which, even then, no one really knows that much about it.

Virtanen87 has explained the situation:

"Well CL and I met in grade 8 (2005ish) so that's like 10 years ago and Kumar was just a ramdom dude that CL played some game with. CL is like one of those nerdy asians so he seems to have a lot of online friends. He's getting more alpha as the days go on though thanks to me. But anyways, Kumar was defending some other guy that CL didn't like. Things eventually boiled over when Kumar rage quit in a nhl 14 match. CL just cut the guy out. I liked him tbh"

But other versions of the story have also been told.

CL is also known as the only filipino player to ever play the game. He spends most of his days playing Yu-Gi-Oh.

CL will fuck your ass in Haxball, if you are a goat. He was the captain of the very dominant Huntsville Flaming Goat Fuckers in Season One of CDC Haxball League.

Formerly, and could become again, Spoderman's assistant general manager in CDC STHS Hockey League.

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