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CDC Mafia Wiki is an extensive database of the mafia games played by CDC users at

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How to play:

Mafia is a very hard game. It is typically long, and often gets players in sticky situations. You start by signing up. You slowly release your arm down, and repeat the motion. The game goes on until millions of little fellas leave their hometown. This could take anywhere from 20 seconds to the skilled being able to reach several hours.

The female version of mafia is a little more complex. You must not only play with, but you must keep an eye on the location of the place you're playing. It can also be a very dangerous game, as the next unexpected creampie is ready to be made. This normally takes ~15 minutes.
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Due to Mafia being a very complex game, there are many different videos online that will fill your pleasures in the meantime, and teach you a thing or two.


A list of the commonly used terms and acronyms can be found here.

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