CDC Mafia Wikia

Alain Vigneault began playing mafia regularly on CDC in March of 2016. He started off his career by frequently arguing with many of the game's players, including those who would emerge as TP leaders during specific games. While AV was an active player, he was not a very likeable player.

The low point of his career came in June of 2016 during the Flavourless game. AV had attempted to cheat by plussing the posts of the remaining mafia members while dead from the DPS. The incident sparked debate over his participation in future games, with numerous members pledging that they would withdraw their own participation if the situation was dealt with. Ultimately, AV apologized for the incident and vowed to be a reformed player.

As of June 2019, AV has been an active and dedicated member to the CDC mafia community. He has gone on to host multiple times and has established himself as an esteemed member of the community.

AV's I Cuori Spezzati game has the record for the highest post count in CDC Mafia history at 4300 posts.